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HE online questionnaire (student discipline and appeals process)

Following our recent Facebook case, the University of Warwick has set up an Independent External Review to examine our student disciplinary and appeals process with a view to making reforms and improvements to our existing processes to be more robust and future-proof. The review is focusing on areas of sexual misconduct, hate crimes, racist or sexist and/or bullying behaviour.

The Independent external review is being led by Dr Sharon Persaud.

In parallel to the review, a Joint Council and Senate Advisory Group led by Vice-Chair of Council, Viki Cooke has been set up, to affirm Warwick’s values, review what is and is not acceptable behaviour in our community, and consider how we can encourage positive behaviours.

The Independent External Review and Joint Advisory Group will develop interim recommendations in May and align their work streams.

To support Dr Persaud’s review we are also seeking to understand current sector processes and policies, and would appreciate any information you are able to share with us.

Any information supplied will of course be treated confidentially.

Do you have an institutional code of acceptable behaviours?
Attach file
No files are currently attached.
Do you allow legal representation for:
accused students to bring in professional support?
giving witnesses legal representation?
provide panels with legal advisors?
Who do you use as investigating officers?
How are your panels composed?
Do you have regular chairs for disciplinary committees?
Is any legal training provided for certain areas?
Do you use standing panels experienced in the particular area of sexual misconduct?
Do you have a standard order of play (including when witnesses are called for example)?
Are the panel able to ask further questions of the complainant?
Is the complainant able to watch the respondent give evidence?
Are they be able to formulate questions to be put to the respondent, either directly or indirectly?
Do you have a provision to keep witnesses and respondents apart?
Do you set time limits on any part of the procedure?
Do you have any ‘appeal of last resort’? eg where the VC or any other part of the governance system to reverse the decision of an appeal panel?
Have you considered or have you appointed an independent person to fulfil an ‘appeal of last resort’ function?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire
Privacy statement
The data on this form will be used to help inform the work of the Independent External Review of the Student Disciplinary and Appeals Process. We will only record and store personal data about you that you choose to share with us on this feedback form. We will store and analyse your responses but we will not send you any information beyond that which relates to the work of the Independent External Review, nor will we use the data for any other purpose.
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