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Become a LGBTUA+ supporter

Thursday, 04.04.2019

Warwick Print has been working with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team to produce a range of promotional items to promote the launch of Warwick University’s new Supporters programme, which aims to empower all members of the Warwick community to create an open and inclusive environment for all colleagues and students at Warwick.

We worked directly with our friends at ED&I to design the programme’s eye-catching logo which reflects the colours of the LBGTUA+ community and incorporated it into pins, posters and pull up banners.

For more information about LGBTUA+ at Warwick University, please go to:

LGBTUA+ at Warwick:

Warwick Students Union:

Become a LGBTUA+ supporter:

LGBTUA+ poster lgbtua+ pull up stand

lgbtua+ pin