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Light Touch Scanning

What is it?

With Light Touch Scanning you can scan a physical document on one of our devices and have a PDF of it sent to your personal (H:) Drive. It digitises you r documents into high resolution digital images.

The function is free to use and has a number of benefits:-

  • Better organisation overall - document scanning gives you much better organisation. With digitised documents, files are simple and easy to access and are much less likely to be lost or deleted.

  • Saves space - it allows you to free up storage space. You can easily turn a filing cabinet worth of information into digital files.

  • Ability to edit text – you have the option to edit text in the document as it, something you cannot do when you use the scan to email function.

  • Faster searches – you can quickly search for documents using a keyword or phrase without having to trawl through extensive files.

  • Improved security – a great way to store any confidential or sensitive files.

  • Improved document distribution - scanning makes it easy to share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled manner.

Where can I use it?

It’s available in all of the ITS Student Work areas, and on certain staff printers. You can see an list of the areas it’s available in here .

Most departmental staff printers don’t currently have the service, but your department can sign up to it if you have a large A3 Kyocera printer/scanner. Email if you’re interested.

How can I find out more?

For more information please go to: or email