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Signs for Wellbeing

Monday, 25.02.2019

Wellbeing door sign room 1 Wellbeing door sign room 2 Wellbeing door sign room 3 Wellbeing door sign room 4 Wellbeing door sign room 5

The design team recently worked with Wellbeing Support Services to produce a set of bespoke door signs for their new office.

The team have moved to a newly-refurbished space within Senate House and their interior design provided by Estates gives a welcoming, tranquil air designed to put visitors at ease, and provides an oasis of calm on our busy campus.

To that end, we consulted with the team to suggest a series of calming forest, mountain and skyline scenes that compliment the new interior design as well as providing the functional wayfinding for the department.

Wellbeing door signs room 6 Wellbeing door signs room 7 Wellbeing door signs room 8 Wellbeing door signs room 8 Wellbeing door signs room 10