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Exhibition Stands



  • Lightweight, disposable and for limited usage
  • Ideal for displaying at conferences both home or abroad.
  • It is not possible to have replacement graphics.
  • Visible area 2130mm (Height) 800mm (Width)
  • Add 200mm to graphic length to allow for roller


mid range

  • More substantial and can be used over a longer period of time.
  • You are able to change the graphics on this stand up to two times.
  • Visible area 2000 mm (Height) 850mm (Width)
  • Add 150mm to graphic length to allow for roller



  • Hardwearing, durable and of a high standard
  • Suitable for use time after time for regular conference attendance
  • You can change the graphics to suit different events
  • Visible area 2131 mm (Height) 1000mm (Width)
  • Add 200mm to graphic length to allow for roller
  • Preferable for all stands: add 10mm bleed to graphic

Replacement Graphics £70

If you plan ahead for future conferences by purchasing a premium stand, we can design and replace the graphics for you. This is a great, cheaper alternative to purchasing a new stand for each conference.

We are continually improving our product range and reserve the right to vary specifications with little prior notice.