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Mobile Phones


A mobile phone is usually an essential part of students' lives. Before you buy or renew your existing deal, take a look at the following tips to see if you could save on your phone costs.


Check the following before buying a new phone:

  • If you're buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card: the cost of calls, texts and mobile data.
  • If you're buying a phone contract: how many minutes, texts and gigabytes of data are included in your plan? How long is the contract?


  • Buy your phone from a reputable seller - check the seller's returns policy and read customer reviews.
  • Consider how much mobile data you really need. Try using the Uswitch Mobile Data Calculator for an estimate.
  • Avoid making an instant decision. You can use comparison websites such as Uswitch and Compare the Market to find the best deals.
  • Check that the network you're choosing has good coverage of where you'll be using your phone.
  • Consider buying insurance for your phone in case of loss, theft or damage. Try using MoneySuperMarket to compare phone insurance deals.
  • Check your roaming charges - you could be charged hefty sums for using your phone abroad.
  • Never sign blank forms or contract documents. You may not be able to back out if you change your mind.
  • Read through your contract before you sign up for any deal. Make sure you know how long you'll be tied in before you can cancel. Check the notice period you have to give.

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