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Present buying on a budget

Buying presents for your nearest and dearest doesn’t need to cost you the earth. Follow these simple tips to help you make some savings.

Buy pre-loved!

Try eBay or charity shops for good quality, barely used items for a fraction of what they would cost new. It might take a bit more legwork but you could stand to make some substantial savings.

Make your own!

If you sew, bake or create, putting your skills to good use to make a gift is a really good moneysaving idea and a great way to give a really thoughtful, one of a kind present.

Do rather than buy!

If you are really short on cash, there is no reason why a present has to come gift-wrapped. Why not give a gift of time, such as an offer to babysit or to cook a meal.
Another inexpensive idea is to give a gift of a cheap day out such as a picnic in the park. You can often get some good deals on experiences like spa treatments and outdoor activities on websites such as, Groupon or Travelzoo.

Opt out!

It’s likely that you aren’t the only person in your group of friends that is on a tight budget. Why not have a conversation and agree not to give presents this year, or set a maximum limit to spend.