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NSMW 2023 - Maximising Income

National Student Money Week is a campaign run by the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA). NASMA has released an abundance of helpful information and resources which Student Funding Support have collated for you below. We've also included some additional useful resources that we have found and think will be useful for students!

Part-Time Work

Part-time work is a great way to maximise your income and add skills and experience to your CV!

There are lots of opportunities to work on campus or for the University. For example, UnitempsLink opens in a new window offers short-term contracts for various roles, including office work and catering. You might also like to look at the Student Union websiteLink opens in a new window, which advertises work in their venues and offices.

If you are looking for work slightly further afield MyAdvantageLink opens in a new window advertise vacancies within the local area. You could also try the job search on Save the StudentLink opens in a new window, which you can narrow down by area and type of work.

Save the Student has collated a list of jobsLink opens in a new window on their website you may not have considered, from pet sitting to becoming a personal tutor. If you prefer to find a job where you can work from home, have a look at their guide to working from home for studentsLink opens in a new window.

Other Ways to Top-Up

As well as getting a part-time job there are other ways you can top up your income as a student. One great way is selling off things you don’t need, such as old textbooks through musicMagpieLink opens in a new window or clothes you no longer wear through VintedLink opens in a new window.

Another way to get a bit of extra money is being paid to complete surveys. Save the Student has a list of the best survey sitesLink opens in a new window. You could also register to be on the University’s student panelLink opens in a new window. They will ask you to take part in surveys and online focus groups. You will get an Amazon voucher for taking part in focus groups and interviews and be entered into a prize draw for surveys.

There are even ways you can make money from your skills and hobbies. For example, you could earn money from your language skillsLink opens in a new window or use your gaming skillsLink opens in a new window to top up your income. Save the Student has guides on lots of different ways to make money from your talents and abilitiesLink opens in a new window on their website.

Most students aren’t eligible for benefits but you may be under certain circumstances. Turn2Us has written a guide to students and benefitsLink opens in a new window, so have a look so that you don’t miss out on any money.

Manage Your Time and Expectations

It’s important when trying to maximise your income that you don’t do this to the detriment of your mental health and wellbeing. Only take on as much part-time work as you can manage, remember that you need time to relax as well as work on your degree. Save the Student has a useful article on how to balance part-time work and studyLink opens in a new window at university.

You may also find that you are being pressurised to make money to send home to family and friends but you should prioritise yourself and ensure you have enough money first before sending money to family or putting yourself under pressure to earn more.

Please see our Financial WellbeingLink opens in a new window page for more advice on how to manage anxiety around your finances.

Looking for further help? Check out the University's Support with the Cost-of-Living webpage for more information.