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Prevent at Warwick

What to do if you have concerns about a student

We have a well-established student support referral pathway which describes how any wellbeing matter is supported through Wellbeing Support Services. The University has very well integrated pastoral and support services which encompass not only Wellbeing Support Services, but the Residential Life Team, the Senior Tutor and Personal Tutor Network, the Security Team, the Chaplaincy and Human Resources amongst others. We have strong mechanisms in place to support any member of the University community who is undergoing difficulty, and effective routes for referral and support on any issue of concern, not just in relation to the Prevent Duty.

The University also has well-defined processes for research ethics and governance in relation to sensitive research, well-understood policies for the appropriate use of IT equipment and infrastructure, an external speaker policy that integrates with that of the Students' Union, and the University has, over the years, already carried out appropriate training for key support services staff on the Prevent agenda in support of safeguarding and wellbeing.

What to do if you have concerns about a member of staff.

If you have any concerns regarding a member of staff, you should contact your line manager, who will contact the Prevent Team if necessary.

How is the oversight of the Prevent Duty governed at Warwick?

We have established a working group, comprising of colleagues within the wellbeing support teams, to develop our approach to the statutory Duty.The Vice-Chancellor and President is the University’s Accountable Officer. Through their role as Chair of the University’s Steering Committee (to become University Executive Board shortly), which has oversight of the University’s compliance with the Duty and submissions to the Office for Students. The Senate receives regular updates and the University’s Council has ultimate accountability regarding the University’s compliance with its statutory obligations. The Equality and Diversity Committee has noted that if there are matters that relate to its agenda, it will consider these as appropriate.

Any member of the University community who has a non-urgent concern about individual issues relating to any matter concerning safeguarding or wellbeing in our community is encouraged to contact Wellbeing Support Services via wellbeing at warwick dot ac dot uk.

For all emergency wellbeing concerns, please contact the Security Gatehouse on 024 7652 2222 or internal extension 22222.