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Individual Rooms for Exams


Sole venue


Some students may find that their specific learning difference or mental health condition may mean that they are easily distracted by others or cannot cope in a shared space.

  • A student with Attention Deficit Disorder may be easily distracted by noises such as a cough or a chair moving to the extent that they cannot effectively concentrate on their work. A sole venue avoids distractions and gives them the opportunity to work to their best ability.
  • A student with severe anxiety may experience panic attacks. To avoid distracting others and give the student dignity a sole venue is recommended.
  • A student with severe dyslexia needs to read out loud or requires a reader or scribe. To avoid disruption to others a sole venue is recommended.
  • As a reasonable adjustment a student may need to use a piece of equipment, such as a stress ball, as a strategy for anxiety management. A separate room may be recommended in order to reduce the impact on others and maintain the student's dignity.