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Funding study abroad

If you are studying abroad as part of your course, you may still qualify for student finance.

Tuition Fees

For the most up-to-date information about your tuition fees, please visit our Student Finance office website at
Eligible students will still be able to access a tuition fee loan to cover this cost.

Maintenance loan

If you are studying abroad for at least the majority of a term, you may qualify for the year abroad rate of maintenance loan. This might be slightly higher than the level of maintenance loan you get when studying at Warwick. Your loan entitlement will still depend on your household income with the maximum available being £10,539 (for 2020-21).

Erasmus+ Grant

Students who chose to take up the opportunity of Study Abroad and go on placement within Europe may be eligible for the Erasmus+ Grant, funded by the European Commission. This grant is designed to help with additional costs incurred because of placements overseas and is based on a monthly amount depending on the country visited. For the most up to date information visit the Study Abroad website

Travel Grant

If you receive student finance that depends on your household income and you are studying abroad for more than 50% of an academic term (not work placements), you may qualify for a travel grant to help with your travel expenses, such as flights, insurance and visas. The help you qualify for will depend on your household income and you will need to pay a certain proportion of your costs yourself.

Warwick Undergraduate Bursaries

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria for a bursary award, you will continue to receive your bursary payments whilst you are abroad. For more information, visit

Tuition Fee Waiver

If you started at Warwick in 2016/17 or later and go abroad under the Erasmus Programme a tuition fee waiver is available if your family income is less than or equal to £35,000. You do not need to apply for this fee waiver as we will use the income information provided to us by Student Finance. We will write to you to let you know you have been awarded a fee waiver and the amount of the award.

Household Income Fee Waiver Amount
Less than or equal to £25,000 Full amount of the fees charged for the Erasmus year
Between £25,001 and £35,000 £650

What if I am abroad on a work placement?

Your entitlement to financial help may be different if you are on a placement abroad. For advice, contact the Student Funding team on studentfunding at warwick dot ac dot uk.