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Mobile Phones


Many students consider a mobile phone to be an essential part of student life. Before you buy, or renew your existing deal, you may wish to take a look at the following tips to help you decide if a mobile phone is really necessary.


You may wish to check the following before buying either a pre-pay or contract mobile phone:

  • Cost of calls
  • Cost of text messaging
  • Cost of voicemail retrieval
  • Cost of mobile internet, if you use it


  • Don't get carried away by the look of the phone, or its features.
  • Avoid getting talked into making an instant decision. There are plenty of deals on offer so shop around.
  • Never sign blank forms or contract documents. You may not be able to back out if you change your mind.
  • Check that the network covers all areas where you will be using your phone.
  • Ask for a copy of the contract. Read through it before you sign up to any deal. Make sure you know how long you'll be tied in before you can cancel. Check the notice period you have to give.
  • Make sure you are insured if your phone is lost or stolen as it can be very expensive to replace. Many phone companies offer insurance as part of the contract, but check with your existing insurance company first to see if you are covered.
  • Calling or texting to or from abroad on a mobile can be very expensive, and these charges are not usually included in any free allowance. You may wish to look at alternative options, such as phone cards, if you think you will need to use a phone whilst abroad.
  • If access to the internet on the move is important to you, make sure you choose a deal that includes enough allowance for your needs. Going beyond your free allowance can be very expensive, and costs can differ between providers. If this is something you can't live without, check the cost carefully before signing up. Try to use wifi where possible.

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