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Early Arrivals Programme

What is it?

Each year we invite students with AS to our Early Arrivals Programme. Students are invited to move onto campus the day before other students so that they can get settled into their accommodation in advance of the main arrivals weekend. It offers a quieter and more gentle transition.

As part of the programme, we will introduce students and parents to Disability team staff, specialist mentors and other support staff. We will ensure each student has basic information about their timetable and explain what will happen during Welcome to Warwick Week. Students will also have a small group tour of the library.

Over the following week, we offer a number of optional events for students from the programme to participate in. These will complement other activities organised as part of the main Welcome Week.

Amongst other things, we are planning a tour to lesser known and quiet parts of the campus, a visit to a local supermarket, a session on using the laundry facilities and an introduction to booking sporting facilities.

How do I get invited?

If you have made contact with the Disability team to discuss adjustments prior to coming to university or if you have disclosed a diagnosis of AS on your UCAS form (code B) you will receive an invitation and more details at the beginning of September.

If you have not declared your diagnosis on the UCAS form or specifically disclosed AS (code B) then please contact us through the Wellbeing portal and we will make sure you get an invitation.

Do I have to attend?

This programme is not compulsory but we would encourage to come along. We have received very positive feedback from students in the past. Your parent(s) are welcome to accompany you to the first afternoon session.