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Specialist Mentoring

What is it?

Specialist mentoring is available to students with an AS diagnosis.

Many students find the mentoring service really valuable in ensuring they thrive at university.

Generally students meet with their mentor on a regular basis throughout the academic year.

A mentor can

  • Listen to your concerns and questions
  • Help with transition to University
  • Assist you in developing strategies to cope with difficult situations
  • Help liaise with tutors and other university departments
  • Consider perspectives on situations and help you think these through together with possible outcomes
  • Help with planning and organisation
  • Support you in managing your whole student experiences, academic, social and in relation to your well-being


    If you are a Home student, you can access funding for specialist mentoring through the Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs) . DSAs are disability related support grants, they are not means tested and not repayable. If you have not applied for DSAs or are in the process of applying when you come to university please speak to the Disability Team about how to arrange mentoring.

    If you are an EU or International student you will not be eligible for DSA funding you can still access the support offred including mentoring.

    How do I set up my mentoring sessions?

    Contact the Disability Team by submitting an enquiry through the Wellbeing portal.