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Table of Contents

    - Policies and Procedures (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies)
        - Automated scanning of computers (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/automatedscanning)
        - Peer-to-peer file sharing software (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/peertopeer)
        - Purchasing additional computer equipment (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/budget)
        - Requests for access to email accounts of absent staff (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/emailabsence)
        - Requests to participate in dissertations or similar (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/dissertationrequests)
        - Requests to purchase old equipment (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/purchaseold)
        - Skype Usage policy : WBS (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/newskype)
        - Support for High Performance Computing (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/hpc)
        - Use of alternative Operating Systems (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/alternateos)
        - What happens to your email account when you leave (/fac/soc/wbs/central/issu/policies/emailaccess)