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Table of Contents

    - FAQs (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs)
        - Can I connect more than one machine at once to the network? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/02)
        - Can I use a fixed IP address? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/12)
        - Can I use an ADSL or cable modem in my room? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/13)
        - Can I use Skype or other Voice over IP software? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/14)
        - Can you not prevent illegal P2P activity without punishing all customers? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/05)
        - Is there a wireless internet facility available in the residences? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/11)
        - What do I need to connect to the network? (/services/its/servicessupport/networkservices/resnet/faqs/10)