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Events calendar

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

LGBTUA+ History Month

Runs from Tuesday, February 04 to Friday, February 28.

LGBTUA+ History Month is observed throughout February, it is an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans history, and the history of the LGBTUA+ rights and related civil rights movements.
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Market Day
The Piazza

We're hosting a vibrant mix of stall holders selling mouth watering street food and local, fresh produce. Come and soak up the atmosphere and try something tempting, fresh and delicious.

Study Happy Mindfulness
Training Room, Library Floor 2

Mindfulness practice is one of the 5 ways to wellbeing recommended by the NHS. Doing regular mindfulness exercises can help manage daily stress and has impact areas of the brain related to memory retrieval, decision making, and outward attention.

Our free weekly workshops are a great way to try different mindfulness techniques if you are a beginner, and find dedicated space and time for regular practice.

No booking necessary, open to all students at the University of Warwick. If would like to learn more about mindfulness practice, visit:

To learn more about this and other Study Happy events, see our Facebook page.

PGT Wellbeing Hour
Postgrad Hub, Senate House

Each week, members of the Postgraduate Community Engagement Team and Wellbeing Support Services will be in our dedicated postgraduate spaces to discuss the best ways to improve your wellbeing while studying.

Come and speak to us, share a wellbeing tip in exchange for tea, coffee and fruit, and read the wellbeing tips left by others to get some inspiration!

On Track – Using Trello for Postgrad Study
Training Room, Library, Floor 2

Are you looking for a new way to manage your studies and life admin?

This workshop introduces the Trello list-making application, and strategies to manage and structure the tasks in your life. During the workshop, you will be supported to create your own Trello board custom to your needs.

Study Happy Marbling Workshop
Creative Learning Space, Warwick Arts Centre

Study Happy, Warwick Chemistry and the Arts Centre are organising a free marbling workshop. Take a break from your studies and have fun learning a new artistic technique and making cards and decorations.

Resources and refreshments will be provided, and all students are welcome to join us on Wednesday 26th in the Arts Centre.

Wellbeing Masterclass
Wellbeing Support Services, Senate House (ground floor)

This session is for students who want to learn strategies and tips to improve their general wellbeing. Many students who are feeling stressed, worried or anxious, also find it hard to concentrate on their studies. By learning to manage your own wellbeing, you can also increase your productivity in your studies.

You will not be expected to share anything private or personal to you, but we will give you the tools and strategies that you can use to reflect on your own experiences during and after the session. If you do have any questions please feel free to approach us at the end.

Scriptural Reasoning

Join the Chaplaincy for a welcoming & inclusive inter-faith discussion as we explore wisdom from a variety of faith traditions.

Copper Rooms
Quackstar Karaoke
The Dirty Duck