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Global Connections Club

Join the Club!
We've created a Global Connections Community on Microsoft Teams, to help you to connect with Warwick students from around the world.

A great way to stay connected; have fresh conversations with new people; and (for non-native English speakers) an excellent opportunity to keep up with your conversational English.

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Join us for our Global Connections Club events,
featuring various activities and icebreakers!

The Global Connections Club is an informal event where all Warwick students can come together to mix with students from different backgrounds and take part in simple activities, games, or conversations in English.

"It creates a link for people who now live separately to come together."

"Everyone is nice and I had a good time."

  • A great chance to mix with students from different backgrounds and to share insights about our diverse cultures!
  • Relieve feelings of isolation by virtually connecting with a range of people around the world.
  • If English is not your first language, a chance to keep up your spoken English - it's not a language class, so you don't need to be worried about your grammar!
  • Feel free to grab a cup of tea, a snack or a meal while you join us online for virtual chat, activities and games!

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Before the event, check out these useful tips for video conferencing