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How to get involved

There are many ways to have international or intercultural experiences whilst you are here on campus or living in the local area and you might not even realise you’re already having them.
We’ve listed some of the ways that you can take your place in the world from the
comfort of campus, the local area, or beyond.
How many of these have you already experienced here at Warwick, and how many more of them can you get involved with?

More than a third of Warwick students are from outside of the UK – enrich your experience by forming friendships with others from all around the world!

  • In halls: From the moment you arrive in halls, you could be mixing with a variety of different people, offering you the opportunity to learn from your fellow residents about a range of different cultural products, practices, and perspectives. We're all a little shy to begin with, but eating and relaxing with your fellow residents can offer you unique insights into each other's cultural backgrounds!
  • While you study: 147 different nationalities study here at Warwick – embrace the diversity within your department and make the most of the opportunity to learn from your peers in an international environment!
  • Leisure activities: Student societies are a fantastic way to meet and connect with people from all over the world. With over 250 societies to choose from there is something for everyone. Get involved, get engaged and discover new practises from all over the world, right here on campus!
  • Sports: Be a part of the community of over 5,000 students who sign-up to SU sports clubs, or get active with Warwick Sport and try out a range of sports with people from many different backgrounds!
  • Celebrating culture: you can organise an event to help other students experience and understand your culture. If your event needs a bit of funding or other support, you can apply to the Student Support Fund.
  • Students' Union Democracy: Get involved with your SU's democracy and make your voice heard! With our diverse student body, participating in SU campaigns or representation opportunities can be an excellent way to develop your ability to work with people from a range of different backgrounds (who may have a different way of thinking to you) - and you get the fulfillment of working towards positive changes for our community!
  • Monash Alliance: The Monash Warwick Alliance is an innovative project between the University of Warwick and Monash University offering wide-ranging opportunities to staff, students and researchers at both universities. As a student, the Alliance empowers you to create a range of international opportunities and networks, which you can engage with from Warwick’s campus or beyond.
  • Volunteer locally: Warwick Volunteers offers opportunities in all sorts of roles to volunteer in the local area. Some projects require regular commitment; while others allow you to simply offer what time you can.
  • Study or work abroad: depending on your degree course, you may be able to study or work abroad for up to a year. Alternatively, the study abroad team also publish other short-term external opportunities, including shorter periods abroad, such as on a summer school programme.
  • Summer volunteering abroad: a number of opportunities are available, including Warwick in Africa or Warwick Laksh. AIESEC Warwick also facilitate cross-cultural experiences and skills development through short-term volunteering experiences and professional internships, as well as a range of opportunities arranged by student societies.
  • Short-term travel abroad: a number of student societies and sports clubs offer their members the opportunity to take part in tours and competitions abroad - find out more about these through your society.
Living, working or studying alongside people whose thinking may be different to you can be a valuable and enriching experience, but there are also challenges that you may face. Check out our stories, tips and advice page for some suggestions on adjusting to your living situation.