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What to Expect

The Welcome to Warwick programme is the perfect way to introduce yourself to life at Warwick and in the UK. This is a great way to settle in before beginning your study. The programme includes an extensive entertainment schedule, the opportunity to make friends and so much more!



Welcome to Warwick 2017 is an integrated programme for all postgraduates, international and EU undergraduate students.

Make the most of your first week at Warwick by connecting with other postgrad students, discovering the services on offer to you and exploring your postgrad study spaces.


International Students

Enjoy a programme of activities to help you meet other students, explore the local area and get support to help you settle into Warwick and the UK.


An incredible opportunity to make strong friendships, meet lots of people, and experience university life from an entirely different perspective. What I loved most about it primarily was meeting so many people from all over the world.