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What is expected of students at Warwick?

At the University of Warwick, we value our diverse and international community, the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and research with real impact. We nurture intellectual challenge and rational, rigorous debate. We want to support our students and each other to become critical thinkers and collaborative yet independent learners – individuals with a global and sustainable outlook, who are able to make an active and positive contribution to society. At the same time, we are committed to working towards a supportive, accessible and inclusive environment within which all members of our community can successfully learn, work, live and socialise. At Warwick, we uphold the importance not only of freedom of thought and expression, but also the significance of academic and personal integrity, equality and diversity, and mutual respect and consideration for the rights, safety and dignity of all.

The University Strategy: Looking Forward, sets out our values and strategic goals, and our Dignity at Warwick Policy illustrates how we expect staff and students to treat each other. The Warwick Community Respect Programme is an online resource designed to help students to understand what is expected of them as a member of the Warwick Community.

We place great importance on the responsible behaviour of both our students and staff at Warwick. It is important for you, as a student, to have an idea of Warwick’s core values and an understanding of the primary expectations of student members of the Warwick community.

The University Community Statement sets out aims for University as well as for students. Warwick students achieve a tremendous amount while at the University and the vast majority positively contribute to the communities in which they live. The statement outlined below expresses how we can ensure that our shared goals are achieved and our values upheld, including our approach to study, research and learning; how we maintain a mutually respectful, considerate and sustainable community; and the significant value that the University places on the health, safety and wellbeing of all members of that community. These key expectations are contained within the University’s Calendar (which is the University’s main ‘rule book’ and includes the University’s Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations) and associated institutional policies and guidelines.

As a member of the Warwick student community, you are expected to:

  • Engage constructively in your learning, teaching and research activities, working in partnership and collaboration with both staff and other students, and meet all applicable requirements of registration, enrolment, attendance and progress.
  • Display intellectual integrity and ethical behaviour in the conduct of your academic activities.
  • Uphold the principles of equality, respect, dignity and fair treatment for everyone, not just in person but also when using telecommunication devices or when you are within online or virtual environments, including when using social media, obtaining clear consent from others and respecting others’ preferences when engaging in social or physical activities.
  • Exercise lawfully your right to academic freedom, and more generally the freedom of expression, in both physical and virtual contexts, respecting others’ rights when you do so.
  • Work, study, live and socialise in such a way as to allow yourself, other members of the University community, and your neighbours in your local community, to enjoy a safe, secure and pleasant environment.
  • Have respect for others’ property (both physical and intellectual). This includes not taking others’ property and claiming or using it as your own, as well as using University resources efficiently and respecting University premises and facilities so that other members of the community can benefit from them.
  • Exercise lawfully your right to the freedom of assembly on the University’s land and in its buildings, with due regard for your own and others’ safety.
  • Conduct yourself in a way that does not bring the University into disrepute when you are representing the University or engaging in University-related or Students’ Union-sponsored activities.
  • Be mindful of how your behaviour affects not just your own health, safety and wellbeing but also that of others. [For example, you must be aware of the University’s zero tolerance policy on illegal substances (including cannabis), as well as the importance of fire safety and appropriate use of associated equipment.]
  • Familiarise yourself with the range of advice, training and support services that are available at the University. This is so that you can make an active and informed choice about whether to engage with these services if you are experiencing issues that may affect not just your academic progress, but also your health, safety and wellbeing or that of others. If you have any particular conditions or other needs, you are very much encouraged to make the University aware of these so that you can be offered reasonable adjustments and/or be helped to access appropriate support, even if it is not a requirement of your course or associated professional body to do so. Being familiar with the range of services available can also be very helpful if you may be supporting someone who is experiencing difficulties.

These expectations should be read alongside information that may be specific to individual activities, departments or courses (e.g. other requirements set out in your departmental or course handbooks, residential handbooks, study abroad guidelines, professional body and/or fitness to practise requirements, etc.).

Where any misconduct takes place, the University's Regulations as set out in the University Calendar and associated policies provide for investigation of that misconduct, setting out the associated potential penalties and highlighting where advice and support can be obtained. It is important for you to be aware that significant misconduct – whether course related or in social settings or other, including prolonged absence and/or non-engagement with your course of study and serious disciplinary offences, can result in you losing your right to live in University accommodation, suspension from other academic and/or University or on-campus social activities, or lead to your temporary or permanent withdrawal from your course of study.

This summary of expectations and further details about your rights and responsibilities as a student, together with important information about the services that are available to support you throughout your time at Warwick, are available online at and

In partnership with the Students' Union and a range of student services, a University-wide consultation was undertaken to summarise the University's key values and expectations for its students. The aim was to provide greater clarity for students as to what is expected of them in the context of our diverse community and our agreed values. The above Statement is a 'living' document. If you have any comments or suggestions, or would be willing to discuss these, please do let us know at .

As considered by the University Senate on 27 June 2016