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Covid mitigation package

The University has agreed a package of measures to support you with your studies throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In March 2020 we introduced a package of measures designed to ensure that you experienced no disadvantage due to the rapid move to online teaching, learning, and assessment as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For 2020-21 we invested in developing a blended approach to teaching, learning and assessment to enable you to be able to achieve successful outcomes, no matter where you are studying. This year is therefore different to last year in that we are better prepared for online learning and assessment.

However, we recognise that the continuing pandemic and the ongoing lockdown in the UK may be impacting on you and your studies. Working closely with the Students’ Union, we have developed a package of support which is designed to mitigate the impact of any potential disruption caused by the pandemic. The measures are specific to the structure of Warwick degrees and the volume of assessment undertaken by students, and reflect the circumstances of the current year.

The summary below provides an outline of the measures for the academic year 2020-21 and guidance on which mitigation to use depending on your circumstances.

I need to arrange:

A short delay of deadlines

If you need a short extension (for example because of a minor illness, family emergency, or caring responsibility, you can self-certify on two separate occasions in the 2020/21 academic year allowing extensions to eligible assessments of 5 working days.

If you have reasonable adjustments of flexible deadlines from Wellbeing Support Services, you will still have this additional flexibility on top of any self-certification.

To delay assessments to a later exam/assessment period

If you have severe circumstances which mean that you will be unable to take assessments such as examinations during an official University examination period (e.g. June Examination period) you may apply to defer the entire examinations period to the next available opportunity, as long as your Senior Tutor is satisfied that it is in your best interest.

More complex adjustments

If you experience exceptional unforeseen circumstances which are outside your control and might have a detrimental effect on your studies (for instance, serious illness, death of someone close, being the victim of a crime, self-isolation due to coronavirus, caring issues due to coronavirus), you can submit general mitigation and Covid-19 specific mitigation claims on the mitigating circumstances portal (found on Tabula in the personal circumstances tab or MyWBS).

An extension of longer than five days (or five days if you have used up your self-certification requests)

If you need to extend a deadline of an individual assignment - the request may be for more or less than five working days (or for five working days if you have used up your two self-certification extension requests to date) - you can request an extension using your department’s normal procedure.

Where research for a dissertation or project is already underway and has been impacted by Covid-19, (e.g. a lack of access to relevant resources, the impact of library and archive closures, lack of access to laboratories, difficulties in undertaking fieldwork or a lack of internet access due to working from home) please discuss this with your supervisor as soon as possible. There are also opportunities to apply for extensions or to provide evidence of mitigating circumstances.

To resit

First Year Undergraduate Students

  • We will offer further first sit and resit opportunities (expected to be held in September) for all failed core modules required for progression into year 2. Departments will inform you in due course of the required core modules that need to be passed. Read more detail. 

Intermediate Year Undergraduate Students

  • As last year, we will continue to offer further first sit and resit opportunities in the September resit period for intermediate year students if you have failed modules and have mitigation or if you do not meet the requirements to progress to the next year of study.

Final Year Undergraduate Students

  • We will continue to offer further first sit and resit opportunities in the September resit period for final year students if you have failed modules and have mitigation or if you do not meet the requirements to graduate.

Other guidance for:

Undergraduate students

Read about examination and assessments including resit opportunities information, Exam Board’s process and discretion and the graduate benchmark.

Postgraduate students

Read about assessment and award including the right to remedy failure, a new borderline category when classifying postgraduate taught awards, and measures introduced for students on courses in 2019/20.

Hear more in our videos on how you are individually supported with the Covid Mitigation Package. You'll hear from Gwen Van der Velden (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Education), Dr Cathy Hampton (SMLC) and Dr Dave Wood (Mathematics) about how our processes work for you this year and how they will help you achieve to the best of your abilities, despite the difficult circumstances.