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Release of final-year results on Wednesday 22 July 2020

Today we are releasing degree results to final-year undergraduate students. After a great deal of hard work since beginning your studies with us, now is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate your achievements. In particular, your resilience, commitment and flexibility over the last few months have been commendable and should leave you feeling proud. 

From 10:00 am Wednesday 22 July, we will confirm your end-of-year results, including your confirmed assessment marks for each module this year, and the overall decision on the degree and classification you will be awarded. If you still need to undertake further assessment in September before your degree is awarded (either resits or deferred assessments), you will see this alongside your confirmed assessment marks for the year so far.  

You will be able to access your results from 10:00am through the Modules page on Tabula and, if you are a student in WBS, through MyWBS. If you are scheduled to take any assessments in September (required resits, optional resits or deferred assessments), you will see a summary of these in Tabula tomorrow and we will email you with specific details of these by the end of the week. 

Please be sure to check your spam/junk email folders.

Virtual Graduation - 22 July

We want you to share what you’re doing to mark the big day with photos, videos and details of how you’re celebrating your virtual graduation! Throw homemade hats, clink those glasses of bubbly, share socially distanced high-fives and tag them all with #WarwickGrad on social media - we’ll share as many as we can.

There will be more celebrations online with virtual year books, stickers, gifs and story frames for social media, and many, many virtual congratulations from the place you’ve called home for the last few years – Warwick!


What are the possible outcomes?  

Typically, you will receive one of three decisions tomorrow that have been recommended by your Exam Board and confirmed by a sub group of Senate, the University’s most senior academic decision making body:  

  • Award of your intended qualification – where you have met the criteria to be awarded the qualification you enrolled for, usually a Bachelor’s Degree or an Integrated Master’s Degree. If you are studying towards a degree that is classified (e.g. first-class, upper second-class), we will also confirm this classification tomorrow.  
  • Award of an alternative qualification – where you have not met the criteria to be awarded the qualification you enrolled for and are unlikely to do so through reassessment, but you have met the criteria for an alternative qualification, such as a Diploma of Higher Education. Students in the third year of an Integrated Master’s degree who have not met the requirements to progress into the final year (the Master’s element) may be awarded a Bachelor’s degree and graduate this year instead. 
  • Undertake further assessment in September – where you have not yet met the criteria to be awarded the qualification you enrolled and need to complete assessments in September before being reconsidered by the Exam Board. This may be because you deferred your summer assessments or you have not yet achieved enough credit by passing a sufficient number of modules. You will already know about any assessments that you have deferred and we will inform you of the failed modules that you need to resit assessment in. 

You will see your confirmed module marks on Tabula. If you have passed enough credit, these marks have been used to calculate your overall degree mark using both the normal degree calculation rules and the graduation benchmark. The higher of the two results has been used to determine the classification of your degree.  

Under certain defined circumstances you may appeal against the award of a particular degree classification (including Pass degree), or if you have not been awarded a qualification (with no further right of resit). 

Can I improve the classification of my degree? 

If you have failed one or more of your modules but have otherwise achieved enough credit and met the criteria to be awarded the qualification you enrolled for, your qualification will be provisionally awarded and your classification will be calculated based on an average of the marks across your modules as they stand (including the failed modules).  

If you submitted mitigating circumstances and these have been accepted as impacting the module(s) you have failed, you will be offered the opportunity of a ‘further first attempt’ of the assessment for the module(s) in September. This will allow you to resit the module without the marks being capped. If you choose to take this, we will recalculate the classification of your degree in late September, and this may improve if you achieve a higher mark in the affected module(s) in September. You must opt-in to take these further first attempts, otherwise we will be proceed with confirming your qualification and classification, and graduating you in-absentia in August.  

If you wish to opt-in and exercise your right to the reassessment, you must inform your home Department by 13/08/2020 (or any earlier date the department chooses) and confirm you understand that you WILL NOT graduate until October 2020.   

The September online exams timetable will be published in the week commencing 10th August and will show any online exams that you are eligible to take. Where you are required to complete assignments, these will be managed, scheduled and communicated to you directly by your department. 

When will I receive my certificate?  

We are now printing and posting several thousand degree certificates, and will complete this in the next three weeks. If you have registered for graduation, our Awards and Ceremonies Team will email you on the day that they post your certificate out to let you know that it is on its way. If you have chosen and paid for delivery by a courier, you will also receive an email with tracking details. If you have not yet registered for graduation, you must do so before we post your certificate to you. Further details are available on the Graduation website.  

When will my HEAR or academic transcript be ready?  

The University of Warwick has implemented the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for undergraduate students. The HEAR replaces the previous hard-copy academic transcript. Complete, finalised HEAR for final-year undergraduates are normally available in mid/late August in the year of graduation, following validation and recording of your academic data. Degree and module results only, however, will be made available via your HEAR earlier than this where possible. 

Can I still graduate?  

We have taken the difficult decision to postpone the July 2020 degree ceremonies and are working hard to reschedule the ceremonies on alternative dates later on in the 2020/21 academic year. In the meantime, you will graduate ‘in-absentia’ and receive your degree certificate, so that you are not delayed in proceeding to employment or further study. You will still be able to attend a degree ceremony when they are rescheduled to celebrate with your friends and family on campus. You just need to express your interest in doing when you register for graduation.  

Can I talk to somebody about my results?  

If you have questions about your marks, the qualification that you have been awarded, the use of the graduation benchmark or the options available to you, you can talk to your Personal Tutor or the undergraduate office in your department. All staff in these roles are receiving more queries than usual as results are confirmed and released across different years of study, so please bear with us as we work through and respond to them.