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First year results release

Release of first-year results on Thursday 09 July 2020

From 10:00am tomorrow, we will confirm the end-of-year results for first-year students on the vast majority of our courses. This is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate your hard work through the first year of your course. It has not been the year we imagined, but your resilience, commitment and flexibility as a first-year cohort has been outstanding, and you should be proud of your achievements.

The results tomorrow will include your confirmed assessment marks for each module this year, the overall decision on whether you can proceed into your second year and any requirements for you to resit assessments in September.

You will be able to access your marks and your overall progression decision from 10:00am through the Modules page on Tabula. If you are a student in WBS, marks for your individual assessments will be visible through MyWBS to complement the overall module marks shown in Tabula. If you are scheduled to resit any assessments in September (either required or optional resits), we will also email you with specific details of these tomorrow. Please be sure to check your spam/junk email folders.

If you are a first-year student on an undergraduate course in the School of Engineering (excluding Degree Apprenticeships), you will receive your results on 22 July 2020. If you are first-year Degree Apprentice, will receive your results on 29 July 2020.


What are the possible outcomes?

As previously announced, we have relaxed the requirements for progression into the second year, so most of you will be told that you can ‘proceed’. If you are allowed to proceed, you may still be offered the option to resit an assessment if you have failed a module, so that this the result can be improved on your HEAR/Transcript and you can achieve the credit for this module. You can choose not to resit these assessments if you have already proceeded, but you should discuss this decision with your Personal Tutor first.

Where your department is seriously concerned about your academic performance and engagement, you will not yet be permitted to proceed, but will instead be required to resit assessments in failed modules before your profile is reviewed again in September. If you have not proceeded, the resit assessments are not optional. They must be completed to improve your overall academic profile before the next Exam Board meets in September.

In some science subjects, there is a requirement to pass certain lab-based modules to proceed to the second year and, given the nature of the teaching, there is no option to resit assessments in these modules. This requirement has not been relaxed, and if you have not passed the relevant lab-based module(s), you may be required to withdraw from your studies. Staff in your academic department with explain this to you and help you to consider your options.

What happens if my exams were cancelled this summer?

Where an assessment did not go ahead as planned, including most summer exams for first-year students, the assessment will still be visible on your summary of marks in Tabula, but there will be no mark or grade. This will be replaced by an entry of ‘FM’ (short for Force Majeure, i.e. cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances), which we will explain on your HEAR/Transcript as being the result of circumstances beyond your control.

Can I talk to somebody about my results?

If you have questions about your marks, your overall progression decision or the options available to you, you can talk to your Personal Tutor or the undergraduate office in your department. All staff in these roles are receiving more queries than usual as results are confirmed and released across different years of study, so please bear with us as we work through and respond to them.