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Photo and Video Competition 2024

Photo and Video Competition

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Photography and Videography Competition!

This is your chance to showcase your unique perspectives and creative flair. Whether through captivating photos or dynamic videos, share your experiences and moments that define your journey at Warwick.

Highlight the diverse and enriching experiences that make up your university life—from hidden gems on campus to vibrant local activities, from Warwick’s rich cultural diversity to your UK adventures. Capture student life, academic challenges and triumphs, and invaluable tips for fellow students. Join us in celebrating your journey, creativity, and unique perspective. Connect, inspire, and showcase the vibrant life at Warwick through your lens.

Submission deadline has now been extended to 18 July 2024.


Photography Competition

Choose up to two of the four themes and submit one picture for each theme. Ensure you follow all competition requirements and submit the consent form along with your entries. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and unique perspective!

Local Community

There are lots of things happening in the local area throughout the year. What activities and events you have participated in the local community?

Travel UK

Your best travel picture which showcases the rich culture, history or the famous landmarks or hidden gems of the UK that you would recommend to the incoming students.


Capture the essence of the campus from your viewpoint. Are there overlooked areas or spots with special significance to you? Share your personal connection to campus (it can be buildings, study spaces, sports hub, nature etc.)

Global Outlook

How does Warwick’s diverse culture influence your experience? Show how cultural diversity is celebrated and experiences within the university community. Highlight how different backgrounds, perspectives and identities come together to enrich university life.

Videography Competition

There are 4 themes. You can choose up to two themes and submit a video for each theme in the competition. Each video should be 60 seconds long (+-5 seconds). Please follow the competition requirements and submit the consent form as well.

Student Life

What does student life mean to you? Highlight activities, clubs or experiences that are central to your university life

Top Tips

What were the initial cultural surprises you had faced when you moved to the UK? What are your top 3 tips to the new students who are coming to Warwick (e.g., opening a bank account, useful apps which made your life easier, using of railcards for travel)


How do you navigate your academic journey at university. Share insights on how you manage time, insights from study sessions, group projects or any aspect of your educational experience. How did you balance work and your wellbeing? Tips to students to ace their academics. Would you recommend any tools to the new students? (e.g., EndNote for referencing)


Successfully navigated in finding a job? If so, share your top tips to students on how you utilised the university career resources, internal or external resources to successfully land a job. What are your top tips to students trying to navigate in this job market right now?

Photography and Videography Competition Consent Form (16+)

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.