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Glass Child

Glass Child

The conflict that had been building for a long time finally broke out! Sisters, Makayla and Sam cannot seem to see eye to eye. Glass child is a short film that follows the struggling relationship between two step sisters as they try to navigate their new family dynamic. As the older sister in the family, she plays a dual role as both Makayla's sister and mother meaning that feels responsible for the well-being of her sister. Makayla's fragility is tested by Sam, as she is reminds Makayla how much of a burden she has been on the family and her life in particular.


  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Performance (Feranmi Majekodunmi)
  • Best Film


  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Direction
  • Best Performance (Ashae Lecky)


Team Name: Sunset Productions

Feranmi Majekodunmi Actress - Mikayla, Writer
Ashae Lecky Actress - Sam
Linda Zaranyika Director
Olga Tomaszewska Cinematographer, Editor
Sophia Jin Lighting & Editing Assistant
Elaine Dong Soundtrack