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University-Organised Airport Transfers

Please note that our coach transfer service will end on Tuesday 15 December.

The University is providing free-of-charge coach transfer services to the University of Warwick main campus from certain airports, on certain dates and times, as below. These transfers are available to new and returning students of the University of Warwick.

Booking is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. To board any transfer service, you will need to show a valid eTicket to our, or the coach company's staff at the airport, which you will be sent by email prior to your journey.

The below timetable shows the transfer times currently available for booking.
When planning your journey, it is important to remember that it will take you some time to pass through customs and immigration, as well as to make your way to the meeting point (at Heathrow, this may include travelling between terminals).

London Heathrow (LHR) to the University of Warwick Main Campus
Friday 27 November 2020 09:30

Book now

Important Information (please read carefully before booking)

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Will the above timetable change? Will it be safe to travel?
Can other people travel with me? Do I have to wear a face-covering?
What is the luggage allowance? How will I find you at the airport?
How do I book? What happens if I miss my transfer?
What confirmation will I get of my booking? Where will this service take me to?
I no longer need my booking. What should I do? I am disabled/have accessibility requirements - can I travel?
How do I transfer my booking to another service?  

Will the above timetable change?

All times are subject to availability, therefore, will no longer be available for booking once capacity is reached.
Additional dates and times may be made available subject to the university's discretion, and when enough demand is indicated via our international arrivals information form.

If you are not able to travel on a service listed above, you should ensure you plan a way to travel to campus independently.

Can other people travel with me?

If you are yet to book your flight to the UK, we recommend that you give careful consideration to whether travelling with others to the UK is the right decision for you. Warwick is providing this service in order to support you in travelling safely to campus, and the service is provided primarily to support international students arriving alone.

In addition, please note that, due to Covid-19 Restrictions, the university's capacity to accommodate or otherwise provide for non-students arriving with students is extremely limited.

If you are due to move in to university accommodation, family members cannot stay with you, and will not be able to visit you during any period of self-isolation (if required).

Overall, whilst we recognise some students may have already arranged to travel with family members, we would strongly encourage you to reflect on whether bringing family members/friends with you is the right thing to do at this current time.

If, having understood the above advice, you still need to bring family members, carers, or dependants with you on one of our services, you will need to indicate this when booking. The booking form will allow you to book an additional 2 seats if absolutely necessary. Due to social distancing layouts, you may be unable to sit next to each other on the journey.

If more than 2 non-students are travelling with you, please arrange to travel to campus independently instead.

Please note that Warwick students must book separately - do not include other current Warwick students on your own booking form.

What is the luggage allowance?

Each passenger may bring:

  • 2 Suitcases (your airline's checked baggage size and weight)
  • 1 Smaller case/bag (your airline's cabin baggage size and weight)
  • 1 Small item (e.g. laptop, camera bag)

If you arrive with more than the above allowed luggage, we will not be able to transport it safely. If you need to travel with more luggage, please arrange to travel to campus independently instead. Should you report to the pick-up point with more than the above luggage, we will have to ask you to use any available airport pack and post facilities at your own cost, and before the departure of the coach, which will not be delayed for this purpose.

Important: it is vital that you are able to carry/move all of your luggage safely yourself. We strongly recommend keeping the amount of luggage you bring with you to a minimum - you can buy most things you need within the UK. Please see this page for other useful information.

How do I book?

Please use the "book now" above to book your transfer. You will need to use your Warwick username and Password to log-in - if you haven't got these yet, register for an IT account first.

You will notice that only certain dates and times appear on the drop-down menus for selecting your transfer - these are the currently available times to book. If you are unable to travel at one of these times, please travel to campus independently instead.

What confirmation will I get of my booking?

When you submit the booking form, you will receive an email confirming your booking, including some useful initial information. You can now continue to plan your journey - the transfer is reserved.

If you have booked more than 48 hours prior to the transfer time

48 hours before your transfer time, you will also separately receive an "eTicket" to the email address you entered on the booking form (don't forget to check your spam/junk folders). This eTicket:
1) Provides useful details and information for you, including where to go and who to look out for at the airport
2) Include a large reference code at the top. Please print your eTicket before travelling if you can, or if you are unable to do this, have this code zoomed in on your screen - ready to show (or say) to the airport transfer staff to confirm your identity without needing to move too close.

If you have booked within/less than 48 hours prior to the transfer time

If you book your place shortly before travelling, you may not receive your second "eTicket" - this is not a problem. Please proceed to the relevant arrivals point in time for the booked transfer, as appropriate, and simply state your name and, if asked, ID number. The staff will be expecting you.

If you have completed your booking and have not received any email confirmation within 3 days of travel, please contact us.

I no longer need my booking, what should I do?

You can cancel your booking at any point using the link in the email confirmation you have received. It's very important you cancel your booking as soon as you know you will no longer need the service, so that we can inform the coach company and not delay other students at the airport.

I want to transfer my booking to another service - how do I do that?

If there are spaces available, the service you are transferring to will appear in the drop-down list of services available on the booking form. Simply select the service you wish to transfer to, check all of your other details, and submit the booking form again to overwrite your original booking.

As soon as you have done this, your previous booking has been cancelled. Any submission receipt or confirmation of transfer time you may have received in relation to the previous booking becomes immediately void. Please also note that any eTicket already issued for the previous service will display the incorrect time. However, the reference number at the top will still allow you to travel at the new time.

Will it be safe to travel?

We understand that this is a worrying time to be travelling to the UK. Both our coach supplier, and the University, will be taking all reasonable precautions, in line with Public Health England guidelines, to make sure your journey is as safe as possible. We also encourage you to contact us beforehand if you are unsure or concerned about any part of your planned journey from the airport to campus.

Please see our Information on Covid-Secure Transfers for full details of what you can expect to happen on-the-day.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Yes, you will be required to wear a face covering continuously: within the airport terminal itself, whilst waiting for your transfer, and throughout the journey. Our staff, and the coach company's staff will be doing this too. You should supply this face covering yourself, if not provided by your airline. At London Heathrow, face coverings are also available to arriving passengers in the area before Immigration Control.

For the safety of all passengers, nobody will be allowed to board without a face covering.

For other information on how you can expect your journey to work, and the steps Warwick and the coach provider will be taking to keep all passengers and staff safe, please see our Information on Covid-Secure Transfers.

How will I find you at the airport?

On arrival at the airport, you will need to proceed to the meeting point indicated on your ticket. Please check your eTicket carefully - this will usually be Terminal 2 Arrivals (Level 1, immediately outside international arrivals exit) at Heathrow (LHR).
At Heathrow, if you are landing at Terminal 5, that will mean you need to use the airport's local transport to reach Terminal 2 Arrivals. Do not hesitate to ask airport staff if you are unsure of where to go.
For all transfers, you will be met by your Meet and Greet representative from Johnsons Coaches (wearing a blue uniform and holding a clear sign).
When you receive your eTicket, you will also be given a phone number, which you can ring on the day if you are struggling to find the transfer staff.

What happens if I miss my transfer?

We recommend leaving around 1.5-2 hours at Heathrow, before your booked transfer. If you miss your booked transfer for any reason, out of respect for other passengers, the coach may not be able wait, so you should plan in advance in case you need to travel to campus independently.

Where it is indicated on your eTicket that there will still be other staff present at the airport, you can still make your way to the meeting point, where they will be able to advise you on other options.

Where will this service take me to?

All transfer services will take you to the University of Warwick Main Campus.

If you are moving into accommodation off-campus, you will be able to alight from the service near the centre of campus, within easy reach of the Bus Interchange and onward bus and taxi services as required to your individual destination.

I am disabled or have another accessibility requirement, can I travel?

We will make every effort to adapt our service, where necessary, to make sure it is accessible to all passengers. However, so that we can take your specific needs into account and can ensure suitable arrangements are in place, please contact us in addition to making a booking.