Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Welcome Week Timetable Form Reopened Monday 15 June - Monday 6 July

The Welcome Week Timetable is now open for editing, cancelling and adding events until 9am on Monday 6 July 2020.

We’ve confirmed more details about how we’ll be delivering a digital-first Welcome Week whilst also preserving as much of the in-person University experience as is safe and possible.

We now have answers on social distancing, how to develop and deliver online events, how to use the Welcome Timetable for digital activity and other frequently asked questions. We’ve worked with academic and ITS colleagues to suggest how the Academic Induction Framework could be delivered online. We’re liaising with the Students’ Union on developing advice for student societies and sports clubs. And we’ve worked with ITS to redevelop the timetable to ensure it can support digital events for students.

You can find all confirmed information, and the Welcome Week Timetable Events form, on our Welcome 2020 Staff pages.

Next Steps

1. Timetable

All events previously submitted to the Welcome Week Timetable system have been declined, which means they have been returned to editors in draft format. No data has been lost.

We ask that all event editors visit the My Events page of the Welcome Week Timetable and either edit and resubmit them to fit the new brief for a socially-distanced Welcome Week, resubmit them as they are if no changes are required, or cancel them before Monday 6 July.

You can also add brand new events to the timetable as usual before Monday 6 July.

There are extra considerations when submitting or resubmitting events for this cycle.

There is new functionality in the system to help you differentiate between in-person, live-streamed or on-demand digital sessions. One event can have multiple sessions of multiple types – please ensure you select the right type when submitting your sessions.

We also ask now that you add at least one, but no more than two, event Tags and as many Filters as are required when resubmitting or adding any optional events. Events with a core audience do not need Tags or Filters.

Help is available in our updated Welcome Week Timetable Guidance Notes.

After the timetable closes on Monday 6 July, we will commence work on scheduling. We aim to produce a draft timetable for review by the end of July.

2. Funding

The Welcome Week Steering Group has taken the decision to recall all funding previously allocated to professional service departments. Funding was approved for specific activities and uses that are unlikely to be viable in a socially distanced Welcome Week. All funding must therefore be reapproved by the Welcome Week Steering Group. Funding applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 29 June via

3. Fairs

We are planning alternatives to our offer of fairs, including the Living at University Fair, Welcome Hub and the newly planned Postgraduate Fair. We’ll be in touch with stallholders over the next few weeks.

4. Academic Induction emails

We appreciate that the new context for Welcome Week will likely affect the messages academic departments will want to send to new students. We’ll be in touch separately either directly or through marketing colleagues to request copy by Monday 6 July.


If you have any questions, please get in touch at

Many thanks

The Welcome Team

Will, Claire, Lisa, Katie and Jo