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Welcoming students through academic induction

Continuous improvement and innovation during Welcome Week, and in ongoing student induction, was the focus of our Academic Induction Conference in March.

Colleagues from across the university shared experiences and ideas. Plenary sessions focused on tackling exclusion at Warwick, and how we set out a vision to prospective and current students and live our values.

Tackling exclusion

Jane Bryan, Director of Student Experience in the School of Law, comments:

“It was a pleasure to chair the panel on tackling exclusion at Warwick and hear the observations of the panellists Larissa Kennedy (SU Education Officer), Professor Christine Ennew (Provost) and Kulbir Shergill (Director of Social Inclusion).

Kulbir summed up the discussion by pointing out that,

“A university has a pivotal role and responsibility to its community and wider society in dismantling exclusion and championing inclusion because it is a place of research and learning. In addition to this it is also an employer, quite often it may be the largest employer in a community. Through our research we can contribute to identifying the causes of exclusion, economic, social and cultural and take a leading voice in identifying interventions for sustainable change to create greater equality. As an employer we have a huge role to play in being inclusive and accessible and supporting local communities. Walking the talk of inclusive leadership is fundamental to achieving this.”

Christine Ennew added:

“The work that a University does – education and research – is done for a purpose. It’s done to enhance wellbeing, develop skills and knowledge, promote greater understanding and drive beneficial change. Unless we are inclusive, unless we engage comprehensively, we cannot deliver our purpose effectively. Being inclusive is the right thing to do and we should be a beacon for our community, but what we do also depends on having talented people – and if we want to have the most talented people working with us then we must be open and welcoming to all.”

Communicating with students about what it means to be at Warwick

The second plenary considered the values set out in our Strategy, how we set out this vision to prospective and current students, and how we live our values.

Discussions from this session are feeding into the joint group of Senate and Council, undertaking a review of Warwick’s values.

Panellists were Liam Jackson (SU President), Dr Karen Simecek, (Senior Teaching Fellow and DSEP, Philosophy), Dr Chris Twine (Academic Registrar) and Professor Gwen van der Velden (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Student Learning Experience and Academic Director, WIHEA).

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Your Plans for Welcome Week

Planning an event for new students during Welcome Week? Don’t forget to submit your requests for time and event space by Sunday 21 April 2019.

Delegates' reflections

"Students will be more heavily involved as presenters in our Welcome Week this coming year. This was something we had already planned, but the conference has given us more ideas about how to do this."

"I will work more closely with students to evaluate our programmes and generate relevant content."

"I will pay more attention to inclusion by design in all new initiatives."