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We face a lot of setbacks and failures in our day-to-day lives, but we're extremely lucky to have the strength of getting back up and get set for the rollercoaster called life. But there are times in the day when one's not able to find strength within. The story is a tale of two strangers experiencing bad and good moments, but it's about how they eventually find strength in people around them. Sometimes simple reassurance is all you need.


Team: W.Y.D

Gitanjali Pillai Female Lead
Pooyan Sharifnia Male Lead
Mariam Abdennabi Female Supporting Lead
Siddhant Jain Male Supporting Lead
Gaurav Duhlani Stranger 1
Aditya Atmakuri Friend in Dinner Scene; Co-Screenwriter/Co-Director/Background Score

Abhijith Nandagopal Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer
Aditya Chacko Abraham Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer
Anant Murarka Editor
Rahul Porwal Co-Screenwriter/Co-Director