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Dr Ravi Thiara

Ravi Thiara Principal Research Fellow,

WCE0.3, Lifelong Learning Building, Westwood Campus

+44 (0)24 7657 3771

Biography and research interests

Dr. Ravi K. Thiara, Principal Research Fellow, is a highly experienced qualitative researcher, having conducted research at national and international levels. She has an interest in gender, migration and 'race'/ethnicity and in violence against women and issues for children and has undertaken extensive research on this. She has a particular expertise in gendered violence and black and minority ethnic communities. Exploring and theorising the intersection of major social divisions is central to much of her work.

Alongside her research, she has been involved in policy and service development and provides training, evaluation and management support and coaching to a wide range of services. Her most recent research projects include a national study of disabled women and domestic violence, the first study of child contact and post-separation violence issues for Asian and Caribbean women and children, research on bride price and its links to domestic violence and poverty in Uganda, and a pilot study of male victims of intimate violence.

Some past research includes: an evaluation for Association of Chief Police Officers of the SPECCS risk assessment model; Home Office funded research exploring the links between domestic violence and substance use; an evaluation of the Multi-Service package funded by the Home Office Crime Reduction Programme - Violence Against Women initiative; a national research project for Womens Aid exploring the protection issues for abused women and children and the role of outreach services; a three year national Big Lottery funded action research project entitled Talking to My Mum: developing communication between mothers and children in the aftermath of domestic violence; national research exploring the needs and issues for BME women and children affected by domestic violence; local research exploring issues for African-Caribbean women and children; an evaluation of a court based IDVA intervention; evaluations of interventions aimed at children affected by domestic violence; an evaluation of a parenting programme for men and women.

She has published widely; some of her recent publications include: the co-edited collection 'Violence against Women in South Asian Communities: Issues for Policy and Practice' (2010), Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 'Disabled Women and Domestic Violence: Responding to the Experiences of Survivors' (2012), Jessica Kingsley Publishers; and the co-edited collection 'Violence Against Women and Ethnicity: Commonalities and Differences Across Europe' (2011), Barbara Budrich publishers. She supervises PhD students in gendered violence and related areas.

Current Research Projects:
Evaluation of the Gateway Programme, with Dr Christine Harrison - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Funded by: Cheshire West & Chester Council, Project Start Date: 01/04/2013 Project End Date: 30/09/2013

Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy for Warwickshire, with Dr Christine Harrison - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Funded by: Warwickshire County Council, Project Start Date: 01/03/2013 Project End Date: 30/06/2013

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Research Profile: Domestic violence; 'race'/ethnicity, gender and migration; violence against women and ethnicity; children and domestic violence; child contact and post-separation violence

Selected Publications
Hague, G., Thiara, R.K. and Turner, A. (2011) 'Bride-price and its links to domestic violence and poverty in Uganda: a participatory action research study' Womens Studies International Forum 34 550 - 561

Thiara, R.K., Hague, G., Ellis, B., Bashall, R. and Mullender, A. (2012) Disabled Women and Domestic Violence: Responding to the Experiences of Survivors , Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Thiara, R.K. and Hague, G. (2012) 'Disabled Women and Domestic Violence: Increased Risk but Fewer Services' in Disabilist Hate Crime, Editors: Roulstone, A. and Mason-Bish, H, Routledge

Thiara, R.K., Hague, G. with Mullender, A. (2011) '?Losing out on both counts: disabled women and domestic violence?' Disability And Society 26 (6), 757 - 771

Hague, G., Thiara, R.K. and Ndira, P. (2011) 'Research and action: bride-price, poverty, and domestic violence in Uganda' Gender, Technology And Development 19 (2), 313 - 316

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