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Froebel tells us 'What is this play of the little ones? It is the great drama of life itself'

Our Senior Teaching Fellow in Early Childhood, Dr. Charlotte Jones, attended SEFDEY Froebel training - what better way to enrich the day than with Froebel's forms 'life, knowledge and beauty'. She reflects on the training day in her recent news article.

Dr Anil Awesti, Senior Teaching Fellow, shared his views on the recent developments with Brexit

After last week's developments with the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom's exit to the European Union, Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Anil Awesti shared his views on the recent events.

This included two articles with the Warwick newsroom which are available below and an interview with the Vic Minett show on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on the issue of Theresa May’s resignation.

ARTICLE: "This election is taking place completely through the prism of Brexit"

The interview on this recording can be heard from 1 hour and 22 minutes.
LISTEN: Radio Interview

READ ARTICLE: "May's belated attempt to reach out across the political divide was too little, too late."

Fri 24 May 2019, 14:47 | Tags: brexit, europe, radio

A reflection on STOPSO's 2nd Annual Conference

Jackie Williams, Senior Teaching Fellow, Counselling and Psychotherapy recently attended STOPSO's 2nd Annual Conference, which had a number of keynote speakers, and lived experience contributors. STOPSO is a relatively new charity, which has quite a broad overview, for example in areas such as sexual offending.

Fri 24 May 2019, 13:19 | Tags: CLL Counselling undergraduate Warwick seminar teaching

Resilience: The Next Lamppost

Ian Day, Senior Teaching Fellow on our Coaching programmes and co-author of Challenging Coaching, describes the greatest challenge he’s had to face and what he learnt in a recent article published in Coaching at Work

A massive congratulations to Dr Khursheed Wadia : Best Book in Political Science Prize

At the PSA (Political Studies Association) UK annual conference Khursheed Wadia’s book (co-authored with Danièle Joly) Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in West European Societies won the WJM Mackenzie prize for "The best book in political science" in 2017-2018.

This is a major achievement as in the 30-year history of the prize, with only one exception, all the winners have been men!

Mon 29 Apr 2019, 11:07

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