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Chen YangQui

Yangqin Chen (Flora)I work in Shanghai No.1 Department Store (East building) which is located in East Nanjing Road, the most famous and flourishing commercial street in Shanghai.  The Department Store is the first state-owned department store in Shanghai and used to be the biggest department store in China. Now, it belongs to Shanghai Bailian Group which is the leading retail enterprise group in China, containing a lot of important department stores, shopping centres, supermarkets and outlets all over the country, such as Shanghai No.1 Department Store, Shanghai No.1 Yohan Department Store, Shanghai Oriental Shopping Center (chain department stores), Shanghai Friendship Shopping Center, Lianhua Super Market, Hualian Super Market and Bailian Qingpu Outlets, etc.

I have been working in the Department Store for over 10 years since I graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.  My major is Marketing Management, so I’m very happy about my job as the Marketing Manager after undertaking many different positions.  I am in charge of an excellent team which consists of 21 members.  We are responsible for Advertising, Sales Promotion, Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Research.  It’s not an easy job but I find it very interesting and challenging.

I enjoy the experience of finding some new and good things and introducing them to the others.  I believe life can be much more beautiful with beauty-seeking eyes.

If you are interested in shopping in Shanghai, I’ll be very glad to be an enthusiastic shopping guider!