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Shao ZhiHua

Zhuihua ShaoZhihua Shao has been working for the Foreign Economic Relations Commission for nine years and was appointed to the current position of Deputy Director in 2004 to be in charge of foreign investment in Nanhui district.

Shao writes: I graduated from the North-West Industrial University (Xian) in 1989 with a Masters Degree and worked there as a lecturer for seven years, majoring in automatic control concept and systems.

I like to travel in the countryside around Shanghai with my family at weekends and enjoy reading, Chinese calligraphy, and sports such as swimming, playing badminton and so on in my leisure time.

I would encourage you to visit Shanghai, especially my hometown Nanhui, which is going to be an important area for Shanghai in its next five-year development programme because of the Pudong International Airport and the Yangshan Deepwater Port and so on.

I would also do my best to help you with my nine-year's of experience if you plan to invest in Shanghai.