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Zhuang XinJun

XinJun Zhuang (Sindy)Cindy writes:  I work in the Administrative Committee of Shanghai Zhangjiang Functional District in Pudong new area as Deputy Division Director of Human Resource Department.  Our Committee is in charge of an area of 120 square kilometres, including Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Sunqiao Modern Agriculture Development Park and three towns.  Over 180,000 people live there and people from all over the world come to Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park to visit or invest in it.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park has integrated circuit, software, biotech, pharmaceutical companies as its mainstay industries and takes entrepreneurship and innovation as its main functions.  After 14 years' development, Zhangjiang has attracted over 5,000 companies with a total investment of USD13 billion:  91 of them are research and development centres from domestic and international companies.  Meanwhile, we are committed to establishing a system of new harmonious community construction within our three towns.

After graduating from Shanghai Pre-school Teacher Training College, I began my first career experience as a primary school teacher.  Three years later, I joined the Pudong government as a civil servant.  My work is to recruit employees for every department of the organisation,  assess employees' performances and implement a system of rewards and penalties.

Sometimes, I also take part in administration of the community as I have been working there for over 10 years. As I am participating in, and witnessing, these significant developments to the Pudong new area, I am very proud of being a member of this district.

I have some hobbies, such as reading and singing, and I especially enjoy old Chinese folk-songs.