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Bai, Aijun - Jean

Jean sitting on city wall at YorkMy name is Bai Aijun - my English name is Jean. I graduated from East China Normal University in 1991. I majored in Urban Planning and Regional Economy. In 1996, I went back to East China Normal University to obtain my Master's degree.

I work in Shanghai Hongkou District Urban Planning Administrative Bureau. I am deputy-director and I am also a chartered planner. My responsibility is seeing to the compilation of the plan for Hongkou district and managing the urban construction.

Shanghai is a metropolis which covers an area of 6,340 square kilometres and about 18 million people live in there. With the development of its economy, Shanghai has made many breakthroughs in urban construction. Urban planning becomes more and more important, more and more busy so many more projects are speeding up.

Now we are thinking about the question of improving the public service system and taking more care of the needs of people in our detailed plan. For example, let old people have some place to read, to play sports, to talk, to entertain and to relax. We are also aware that we should keep our characteristic environment, and keep the memory of the city in our plan. In this field, I think there is a lot of good experiences in UK.

So, I do love my work and it is always valuable.