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Huang, Aiwu - Allen

Allen in library of University of WarwickI am a Chinese associate professor and lawyer.  I have researched and practised law for many years in Shanghai Orient Intermediary Consulting Industry Research Centre, China.  I graduated from East China University of Politics & Law and obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  From 2006 to 2009, I am studying as a PhD candidate at this university.  I am also a member of the Shanghai Law Association and Shanghai Bar Association.

These are my objectives as a visiting scholar in the University of Warwick:

  • Take selected courses and attend discussion groups to gain an understanding of the legal systems, especially in the thinking processes behind them.  
  • Visit some law schools, law firms, law associations, courts, local government and legal research institutes.
  • Provide lectures and attend discussion groups on selected topics to introduce the Chinese legal systems.  I believe that I can contribute successfully in this area, since I not only practised and researched law but have also participated in the drafting of new laws in China.

Upon completion of my visiting scholarship, I intend to return to China to devote more time, outside of my legal research and practice, to resume contributing to the drafting of the new laws and the improving of the existing laws in China, and writing articles on the 'hot' legal issues.  In addition, I plan to teach and inspire the law students in China.  Of course, I will continue to provide pro bono legal services for the needy and donate regularly to the local charities.

Having joined the World Trade Organization, China has greatly accelerated her modernization process.  To meet this challenge, the Chinese Government will continue to make the new laws and to improve the existing laws.  In this area, I feel most privileged and greatly rewarded for having made my small contributions in the recent past, and I will work hard continually in the future.