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Lv, DongSheng - Dominic

Dominic in University House, WarwickDominic writes:

My English name is Dominic.  I am the director of the committee of Jiang Zhen community belonging to the administrative committee of Chuan Sha Function District in Pu Dong New Area.

I have served as a civil servant for 15 years in many different work units.  I have been an oceanic environment-protecting engineer in the East Sea Administration Branch of the National Oceanic Bureau for five years.  In the next eight years, I worked in the Yang Jing community, the Nan Ma Tou community and the committee of Pu Dong New Area community management.  My main responsibility is human resource management.  I became the vice-alcalde (deputy mayor) of the Ji Chang Town Government in 2005 and contributed to the expansion of the Pu Dong International Airport by supplying four square kilometres land for its needs.  This meant that we spent more than one year re-housing nearly 20,000 local residents from their villages to new apartments specially constructed for them which was not an easy task to accomplish.  Now I am in charge of the committee of Jiang Zhen community which is still a rural area near the Pu Dong International Airport with over 80,000 residents living there.

I graduated from Wu Han University with a Bachelor's degree, majoring in virology, and achieved an MPA degree in Shang Hai Jiao Tong University.  I also studied on a postgraduate course majoring in sociology in Fu Dan University from 1999 to 2001.  Now it’s my great honour to be a student at the University of Warwick which I'm told is one of the best universities in the UK.

Mostly I am a serious man devoted to my work but sometimes in my spare time, I am fond of dancing, singing, writing and sports.  I find that having the library; sports and arts centres on campus excellent.  I think I shall get a pretty good opportunity to enjoy reading, swimming and watching films or arts shows during the six months I am at Warwick.

As you know, I have been working in the field of community management for a long time, so I hope to have the opportunity to meet the people who are serving in this field directly or have a chance to work in a similar organization for several weeks.  I am interested in the community management structure in Britain and the manner in which it supplies public services to residents.  Furthermore, I am keen to find out the ways in which people participate in public affairs and how volunteers are recruited and work.