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Zhang, Yun - Wind

Wind outside Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford upon AvonWind (Zhang Yun) is from Shanghai Bailian Group.  It is the biggest state-owned retail group in Shanghai, with lots of department stores, shopping malls and supermarket chains.  Her current position is the marketing manager of Bailian South Shopping Mall, which is a community-based shopping mall located in the south of Shanghai, and at the same time is one of the most successful projects in Bailian group.

Wind majored in English when she was at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  To become a professional interpreter was her dream when she was a little girl.  Her road to a marketing manager was just an accident!!  But she loves the job!  She is responsible for promotions, traffic market research and public relationship management for the whole shopping mall.  She enjoys every exciting moment her job brings to her.  She really loves to work with her department members and share every success with them.

Wind likes to read and watch movies in her spare time.  It is the books and movies that can really make her so relaxed.  Meeting friends is also what she loves to do when she has time.

Wind wishes she could experience new things during her stay in the UK.  She believes different experiences can make her life more colourful!