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Zhuo, Ya - Selina

Selina in the town of WarwickMy English name is Selina and I am a civil servant from Shanghai Fengxian District.

I am the vice-director of the Shanghai Fengxian investment service centre. The main responsibility of the centre is to supply good service and promotional policy for the investors, to try to help them finish constructing new factories and start producing quickly. The government can then take advantage by collecting taxes and, at the same time, this increased investment brings more employee opportunities for the local residents and helps the local economy to develop faster.

Before becoming a civil servant, I served in the Shanghai FengPu Industry Park, which is the biggest industry park in Fengxian District, for nine years. To date, more than 200 enterprises have been established in the Park and it has become the backbone of the local economy.

I am a quiet person and keen on reading, travelling and sports. During my six months in UK, I hope to visit all over and find out in more detail about the country, especially the life of British people and the special culture of this great nation.

My hometown is Gui Zhou province, located in the south-west China. It’s definitely a charming place, not only because of the wonderful natural views, but also for its diverse and colourful minority customs and cultures. Unfortunately, it’s still undeveloped and the people there are very poor. I wish someday I could return to my hometown to be a teacher in a village school so that I can tell the children about the world outside and teach them about other cultures.