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ChenMin - Chelsea

ChenMin - Chelsea My name is ChenMin  -  my English name is Chelsea.  I was born in the city of Shanghai.  I graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 1982 and became a teacher in my institution immediately after my graduation.  After eighteen years of diligent work, I moved to a position in another University, Shanghai Business School (SBS), which has trained tens of thousands of economic administrators as well as a large number of college graduates during the last five decades.  I was in charge of Job Placement for eight years.  I am a director of the Academic Affairs Division and Enrolment at SBS.

I have never stopped learning  -  even when I had a full work scheme.  Thanks to my school leaders and my family, and with their support, I made an application to study in East China Normal University as a PhD student in 2003.  I succeeded in passing the qualifying examination and majored in higher education.  As a result of industrious learning, I received my PhD in education in June 2006.  My research focused on graduate career education and higher education management which is an essential role within the fast developing higher education of China.  I was honoured to receive the 4th Outstanding Teacher Award of Shanghai Higher Education by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2008 and be awarded the Prize of Outstanding Women by the Shanghai Women’s Federation in 2009.

I have a very happy family.  My husband is a very kind and handsome man.  He is the director of Mandarin Proficiency Test Center in Shanghai.  I have a talented daughter who is a senior student in Shanghai International Studies University. 

My hobbies include playing table tennis as well as collecting stamps and listening to light music in my spare time.