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Shuguang Lei - Garin

Shuguang Lei - Garin Hello, this is Garin (Shuguang) Lei.

It is a great honour to have an opportunity to further my studies in the University of Warwick.  I believe that this six months will be of great benefit in my future professional career.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering in June 1997.  Since then I’ve worked in different fields.  During the last five years, I’ve focused on the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure.

At the end of 2005, I was voted to be the deputy director of Miaohang Town people’s government.

I’m eager to practice and improve my English, and to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge to help my work.  I would like to communicate more with British people (who have been very friendly) while I visit this amazing country which has a centuries-old history and beautiful natural scenery.  I have enjoyed the first three weeks in the UK, and I believe there will be happiness, fun and surprises in the coming months.