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Gu Dingjun - Janet

Gu Dingjun - Janet I am Janet Gu  -  my Chinese name is Gu Dingjun.  I work for Shanghai Luwan District Women’s Federation, which is a mass women’s organization striving for women’s further advancement.  It is a linkage between the government and women.  The main function for it is to represent and protect women’s rights and interests, and to promote the equality between men and women.  We have done a lot of programmes for women and children.  My job’s main emphasis is in the community.  We have women’s schools in each community, family volunteer’s organizations and Women's Legal Assistance Center where we often give lessons and organise many activities to improve women’s qualities and their legal awareness.

I have a very happy family.  My son is only five years old.  He likes reading ancient poems and telling stories.  He is the sunshine in my life and he brings a lot of fun to my family.

I am honest and reliable, warmhearted and like helping others, easy to approach and friendly to everyone.  I hope I can learn a lot in the University of Warwick and make many friends here.