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Shaojun Su - Michael

Shaojun Su - Michael My name is Shaojun Su.  Friends like to call me Michael.  I am proud of being a part-time student in the University of Warwick.  I feel comfortable here because of both the amiable teachers and the wonderful studying environment.  It’s really a good opportunity for me to study in the UK.

I majored in structural engineering and used to be a civil engineer in a design institute for six years where I participated in the design of some large buildings and infrastructures such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  Now I work as an underwriter in China Pacific Property Insurance Co Ltd, which is the second largest insurance company in China. I like the job because it is challenging and rewarding.

I am interested in British society  -  I think all people benefit from a good understanding of the differences between cultures.  I am also interested in the history of British insurance, which will be very helpful in the development of Chinese insurance.

I believe this six-month period at the University will be fruitful and become one of the best memories of my life.