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Gao Guoying - Richard

Gao Guoying - Richard Hello everyone!  Nice to study in the University of Warwick!

My Chinese name is Gao Guoying, and my English name is Richard.  I am from Shanghai Eastday News Net.  As a visiting student, I will live in the UK for six months.

I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Fudan University, where I majored in journalism.  My first job was in the Jiefang Daily where I worked as a journalist.  In 2000, when Shanghai Eastday News Net (the largest news net of Shanghai) was founded, I became a member of it.  I continue to work for this organisation. 

As the director of the Development Research Department, I find that news net is not only a news media, but also a public platform  -  for example, net users can participate in the course of a report.  Public management and public service are more important than simple news reports.  In the next six months, I’m eager to learn more about the theoretical and practical knowledge of news net operations and public management.