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Xu Guoqiang - Sam

Xu Guoqiang - Sam My name is Xu Guoqiang.  You can call me as Sam. Shanghai is my hometown.  It is an international metropolis.  During the past 30 years of Chinese reform and opening up, Shanghai has made great achievements in economic and social development.  Now it is building into a global financial and shipping centre.  Next year, the Shanghai 2010 World Expo will be held.  I am very proud of my hometown!

At present I work in the Shanghai International Culture Association where I am a director in the office responsible for service management.  I like my job very much and think I’m honest and a good team player.  I can be relied upon to work under great pressure.

More than twenty years ago I graduated from TongJi University where I majored in engineering and received my Bachelor of Science Degree.

In my hometown, I have a happy family:  there are three people  -  my wife, son and me.  My wife is a teacher of Chinese in a middle school.  She is beautiful and kind and can cook many delicious foods.  My son is fifteen years old and is a middle school student.  He enjoys his school life and studies hard.  We love each other very much.

This year I have the opportunity to go abroad where I really hope to improve the level of my English.  I also want to gain more knowledge of modern management which will make a solid base for my future work.

Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world, and is multi-cultural.  I hope to gain experience from these exchanges of culture and learn a lot.