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Volunteering at Warwick

When we joined the big family of Warwick University, we thought about what we could do for it and find more opportunities to know and talk to people in the UK.  We went to the office of Warwick Volunteers to express our thoughts and eventually we had the chance to attend as volunteers at a Poppy Party which was to be held in the community of Leamington Spa.  It was a very unforgettable experience.

Since October, we had seen many people wearing a poppy.  We were very curious about this, so we searched on the web to discover the meaning.  After finding that it was a symbol of remembrance of those people who died fighting in wars for this country, we felt it would be good to participate in this commemoration.

The party was held in the Sydni Centre on the afternoon of 9th November.  We got there early to help with preparations and assist some disabled people to be seated.  About 60 elderly people from Leamington came to the party.  The organizers provided a lunch with dessert and a cup of coffee.  While serving the dishes, we were able to chat with people and learn about their lives.  Many people were happy to share with us their good memories of the past.  After lunch there was a party for everyone which included singing, a dance performance, bingo and games.  Some of us joined in the performance which was the climax of the party.  Most of the participants were excited and happy and we all felt very pleased when we saw the smiles on their faces.