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First impressions

We have now lived in the UK for almost two months and have enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery and experiencing British culture.  Our first impression of the country has been strengthened during this time which is the hospitality of British people.  We have already had a lot of wonderful experiences of friendship in our time here.
The Centre Secretary in the University of Warwick, who is very charming and amiable, made sure all necessary materials and documents were ready before our arrival and always tries her best to meet our requirements.  We told her about our plan to watch a football match and although she seldom goes to matches, she collected all kinds of information about Birmingham City’s game against Bolton Wanderers for us, including where to buy tickets, how to get to the stadium and also a map of the area around the Blues’ ground.
The people outside the University have also been very helpful to us.  We lost our way when we went to visit Leckhampton.  We wanted to find passers-by to enquire about the direction but, because the area was distant from the town, we waited for a long time before an elderly man drove by.  He patiently told us about the route to our destination and then left in the opposite direction.  We drove on again and soon found the gentleman had driven back  -  he was afraid that we would not find the site and decided to show us there in person.  We were so touched by this and we experienced this helpfulness during the rest of our trip.
Sometimes we have received special treatment because we are visitors to this country.  Gino, our landlord, a very agreeable Italian man, learnt that we wanted to practice English by watching TV.  He fetched a set from his own home and installed it for us immediately although this was not part of our rental contract.  Sometimes he is more like an elderly relative in our family than the landlord!
A friend in need is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around  -  and we have been surrounded by kindness everywhere in UK.  There is a Chinese saying:  ‘it is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar’ and we have felt this warmth from the British people as soon as we arrived in the UK.  This kindness is from the bottom of people’s hearts.