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Liu An ~ Allen

AllenI am Allen, from Yangpu District which is located in the northeast of Shanghai (an outstanding metropolitan area because of its famous traditional culture and modernisation) in China. However, when I am in Shanghai, I would say I am from Xinhua in Jiangsu Province - a small town which is beautiful and away from noise and heavy traffic.

Now I work as a civil servant in Yangpu District Administration Committee of Construction and Traffic which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and pipelines. Designing traffic policies and implementing dynamic management is also one of my duties. I know I am a small fish in a big pond, so I always try my best to do my work.

In order to keep my mind fresh and relax myself, I spend most of my spare time fishing, or playing cards with my friends. Fishing teaches me how to be patient. Playing cards teaches me how to co-operate with, or defend against, others. It is proven that these hobbies are beneficial to me.