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Lu Ying ~ Loise

LoiseI’m Loise (LuYing) - I come from Fengxian district which is located in the south of Shanghai. It has a 31.6km-long coastline and is Shanghai's only tourist area with large-scale development adjacent to the coast. So I am a director of Fengxian Tourism bureau and I enjoy my work a lot because it is very challenging.

However, I insist that it’s most important that a woman has a happy family and children. Fortunately I have all of these. I have a family consisting of my husband and my twin sons. Especially, my 15-year-old twin sons are very sunny and they have many various and similar interests and knowledge. In our spare time, my family enjoys travelling and playing table tennis, or reading books and listening to music. These activities are helpful for us to become relaxed and enhance our feelings for each other.

Finally, I would like to make a invitation with the slogan of Fengxian Tourism: ‘Welcome to relax in Fengxian’.